Does the COVID-19 vaccine cause infertility?

A CHOC pediatric infectious disease specialist helps settle the misconception that the COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility.

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9 strategies to support LGBTQ+ youth

Learn from a CHOC psychologist 9 ways that parents, families and teachers can support LGBTQ+ youth, plus a list of helpful resources.

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The best way to clean a child’s earwax

Between cotton swabs and drops, what’s the best way to clean a child’s earwax? Learn the best technique, and when to call the pediatrician.

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Is my baby teething? Signs and symptoms of teething in babies

A CHOC pediatrician explains more about the signs of teething in babies, when to expect teething to begin, and offers suggestions to ease the process.

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Talking to children about death: an age-by-age guide

This age-by-age guidance from a CHOC licensed marriage and family therapist can help parents navigate these important conversations.

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How can I help my child stay awake before an EEG?

Keeping a child awake before an EEG can be difficult, but these tips can help parents keep children from falling asleep before the test.

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