How to celebrate Halloween safely during COVID-19

As temperatures begin to cool and the community prepares for Halloween celebrations, CHOC experts provide the following recommendations for how to celebrate Halloween safely amid COVID-19. “Celebrating holidays such as Halloween is a treasured part of childhood, and we want all children and families to make special memories together. It’s important to heed safety precautions […]

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An innovative internship approach during COVID-19

A year ago, Jenae Vancura joined an elite group of college and high school students for a unique and innovative summer internship program at CHOC. The interns shadowed physicians, joined doctors on their rounds and attended meetings with a wide range of professionals in the medical field. The days were long. The work was challenging. […]

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Augustina’s heroic battle with COVID-19

When Augustina, then age 13, visited her doctor in early June because she wasn’t feeling well, she had no idea she’d be rushed to CHOC Hospital and spend the next two months fighting for her life. “My doctor told my dad that we needed to get to CHOC right away,” Augustina says. “I don’t remember […]

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What to expect from your child’s COVID-19 test at CHOC’s Outdoor Evaluation Center

We understand that having a child undergo a COVID-19 test can be stressful for parents, so we’ve prepared this guide on what to expect.

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A magical emergency department visit

ER visits amid a pandemic can be stressful. Those worries were eased for one mom thanks to magic tricks and staff going above and beyond.

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The link between COVID-19 and suicide: What parents should know

We’ve seen a link between the COVID-19 pandemic and mental health, including increased suicidal thoughts. Here’s how parents can help.

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